Friday 26th April
“Call My Quaff” Wine Evening

We are delighted to host local wine expert Simon Taylor. It's called 'Call My Quaff' (a pun on Call My Bluff) and works like this -


People get into teams of between 2-4 people Everyone tastes six wines blind - 3 white and 3 red. Simon and Mrs Chef both describe the same wine they are drinking. The fun comes from the fact that one of us is lying and one of us is telling the truth about each wine. The teams have to work out (or guess!) who they think is lying and who they think is telling the truth. The team who works out/guesses correctly the most right answers wins the game. There is a tie-breaker question in case two or more teams tie. Winning team gets a prize. A bottle of house wine with dinner.


It's great fun to play, requires no knowledge of wine to win (so accessible to all) and lets people taste some great wines from our wine list or beyond.

£20.00 person (£10.00 deposit required on booking)

There is a 10% off the food bill for anybody eating after this event finishes at 8pm. Booking required.

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