Looking for something different for the office get together or just a get together with your gin loving friends

An Evening of Gin Christmas Party
(Monday - Thursday throughout December)

Introductions: Including fun ice breaker which is about getting
to know each other with a small gin twist.

Talks and tasting: Talk about gin and how to taste, blind tasting with tasting notes.
Talk about production and distillation
Mrs Chefs gin journey.
Introduction to 4 showcased gins and garnishes.
A gin quiz

Dinner (optional): After second tasting of gin journey
There would be an opportunity to have a bite to eat half way
through. The food can be pre –ordered from our a la carte menu
or really get in the Christmas spirit with our Christmas Party menu

Complimentary gin and tonic sorbet after dinner to take us back
into tastings

Saffron Gin digestive also optional

The evening will be approx 3 hours in total.
Cost £25 per person inclusive of:
5 gins
Glass hire
Tonic water
(£10 non refundable deposit required on booking)

Not included but what can be added.
Dinner, canapés, nibbles
Saffron gin digestive additional £4

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